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About Us

First, what's common to the two of us. We have five grown children, the goofballs shown in the photo up above. In the order they came, there's Martin, Bill, Eric, Kristin, and Jennifer. In the photo, though, it's Eric, Kristin, Martin, Jennifer, and Bill. All are well-established and successful. All were born in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. We now live in DeLand, Florida, a small university town of about 26,000 persons, one of the bedroom communities of Orlando.

About Bill first, since our movements about the country are largely related to his work. He was born the eldest of two, the other being his brother. He joined the Navy out of high school, hoping to work on airplanes. More on his Navy career later. Following his honorable discharge from the Navy, he joined McDonnell Aircraft as an electronic technician in the Radar Laboratory. He worked on Mercury flight hardware and the Gemini Mission Simulator, and made field trips to Cape Canaveral and the Johnson Spaceflight Center. This led to work on digital aircraft flight simulators. He was promoted to Electronic Engineer, and found this to be the most interesting work he would ever be assigned. Wishing to avoid possible layoff when McDonnell hit a rough patch, he hired onto Sherwood Medical Industries as an Electronic Engineer. Following several electronic projects, he collaborated with the company Senior Scientist to develop a medical IV filter, and accepted the position of Acting Plant Manager in order to place that device into production. The product was successful and profitable. When the factory building lease expired, the operation was transferred to Waterbury, CT. Bill followed, accepting the position of Project Engineer. He was later promoted to Plant Manager of that facility. Years later, Waterbury operations were transferred to the company's flagship plant in DeLand, FL. Bill followed, again as Project Engineer. He was later promoted to Production Manager, and later still to Plant Manager, a position from which he retired in 1997. For a while after retirement, he volunteered at the Neighborhood Center, providing food, clothing, and shelter for the needy. More recently, he has provided sweat labor and computer assistance at the Good Samaritan Clinic (see below).

About Mary. She was born the eldest of four, two brothers and one sister. She taught second grade at a Catholic school in Berkeley, MO. Then she became Purchasing Assistant at Killark Electric in St. Louis. She married Bill, and for a while lived in a new small home in O'Fallon, MO. They later moved to a larger home in Florissant, MO, where she raised five children while cultivating a close relationship with the principal and teachers of Walker School. When Bill's job took him to Waterbury, CT, the children were sufficiently grown that Mary insisted on working, and she became Office Manager for a pediatric practice in Watertown, near home. She held that position until the move to DeLand, FL. Upon arriving in DeLand, she found temporary employment at Empire Bank as a drive-through teller, and later accepted a position as secretary in the Environmental Management department of the Florida Department of Transportation. She enjoyed that work, and stayed there until retirement in 1998. Unable to remain idle after retirement, she volunteered as Administrator for the Good Samaritan Clinic, a primary health care provider for the uninsured of West Volusia County. You may learn more about the Good Samaritan Clinic by clicking on the following link: http://www.gsdld.org.

Mary at Killark Wedding Day Young Marrieds Bill and Marty in CT Mary and Petunia in Victory Lane Administrator Mary at clinic Mary appealing at Hawaiian fundraiser
Left to right, top to bottom: Mary as Purchasing Assistant at Killark Electric; Bill and Mary's wedding day; young married couple; Bill and Marty
clowning when Bill was Plant Manager at the Waterbury plant; Mary and Petunia in Victory Lane at the Daytona Speedway; Mary in her role as
Administrator at the Good Samaritan Clinic; and Mary telling guests about the Good Samaritan clinic at the Hawaiian-themed fundraiser in 2009.

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