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The Navy Chronology
June 15, 1954, Tuesday - Graduated Normandy High School, Normandy, MO; enlisted in US Navy with July reporting date.

July 23, 1954, Friday - Reported boot camp, NTC (Naval Training Center) Great Lakes, IL as SR (Seaman Recruit), company 54-144.

October 19, 1954, Tuesday - Graduated boot camp. Promoted to SA (Seaman Apprentice), then changed to AA (Airman Apprentice). Left for home on boot graduation leave.

November 3, 1954, Wednesday - Reported back to Great Lakes.

November 4, 1954, Thursday - Departed Great Lakes by train for NATTC (Naval Air Technical Training Command) Norman, OK.

November 5, 1954, Friday - Arrived NATTC Norman late at night, uniform all wrinkled. Captain's inspection next morning.

November 8, 1954, Monday - Enrolled Airman Prep School, NATTC Norman, OK, class 54-45.

December 9, 1954 (approximately) - Extended enlistment one year in order to meet obligated-duty requirements for 6-month Aviation Electronic Tech A school.

December 25, 1954 - Home for Christmas leave.

January 14, 1955, Friday - Graduated 8 week Airman Prep School 7th of 410 students, 91.28 of 100; departed by train for Aviation Electronic Tech A school in Memphis, TN.

January 24, 1955, Monday - After a few days in Incoming Units barracks, enrolled in 26 week Aviation Electronic Technician A school, NATECHTRACEN, Millington, TN; class 55-04.

May 16, 1955, Monday - Promoted to AN (Airman) as result of fleetwide competitive examination taken.

August 5, 1955, Friday - Graduated AT school 11th of 89 students with mark of 87.95 of 100; received specialty rating of ATAN (Aviation Electronic Technician Airman); chose FASRON (Fleet Air Service Squadron) 9, Cecil Field, FL as next duty station. Flew home on leave.

August 19, 1955 (approximately) - Arrived by train in Jacksonville, FL. Reported for duty to FASRON 9, Cecil Field, FL.

December 25, 1955 - Home for Christmas leave.

May 16, 1956 (approximately) - Promoted to AT3 (Aviation Electronic Technician Petty Officer Third Class), result of correspondence courses completed and fleetwide competitive examination taken.

December 25, 1956 - Home for Christmas leave.

February 19, 1957 (approximately) - Detached from FASRON 9 with orders to FASRON (Special) 201, Hal Far, Malta.

February 21, 1957 (approximately) - Reported aboard NOB (Naval Operating Base), Norfolk, VA for transportation to Malta.

March 7, 1957 (approximately) - Boarded battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) for transportation to Gibraltar.

March 22, 1957, Friday - USS Wisconsin departs for Gibraltar at 1309, suffers main shaft bearing failure shortly after departure, returns to Portsmouth Naval Yard for repairs.

March 27, 1957, Wednesday - Following repairs, USS Wisconsin departs for Gibraltar.

April 5, 1957, Friday - USS Wisconsin arrives Gibraltar, meets USS Iowa (BB-61). I debark on LCVP, board Navy R5D of VR-24 and fly to Port Lyautey, French Morocco (now known as Kenitra, Morocco), arriving late evening.

April 22, 1957 (approximately) - Board R5D of VR-24 and fly to Hal Far, Malta. Report for duty to FASRON (SP) 201.

May 1, 1957 (approximately) - As newbie, chosen for temporary duty detachment to Souda Bay, Crete in support of NATO operations at airfield there. Flown by R5D of VR-24. USS Alameda County (LST-32) provides vehicles, food, fuel, etc.

May 14, 1957 (approximately) - Return by R5D of VR-24 to Malta.

May 16, 1957 (approximately) - Promoted to AT2 (Aviation Electronic Technician Petty Officer Second Class), result of correspondence courses completed and fleetwide competitive examination taken.

May 16, 1958, Friday - Promoted to AT1 (Aviation Electronic Technician Petty Officer First Class), result of correspondence courses completed and fleetwide competitive examination taken.

October 23, 1958, Thursday - Depart on leave by commercial air from Luqa, Malta for Oxford, England to take delivery of new 1958 MGA coupe.

November 6, 1958 (approximately) - Leave MGA on pier at Naples, Italy for further transport to US by MSTS ship. Return to Hal Far, Malta on squadron R4D.

December 5, 1958 (approximately) - Detached from duty FASRON (SP) 201. Flown by R5D of VR-24 via Barcelona, Spain and Azores and Bermuda to Norfolk, VA for separation.

December 7, 1958, Sunday - Arrived Norfolk, VA on R5D of VR-24.

December 16, 1958, Tuesday - Honorably discharged into inactive reserve by reason of expiration of active duty enlistment. Flew home.

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mystery photo
"Mystery" 8x10 official Navy photo, contributed by retired USCG Chief Vincent Mulligan of Santa Rosa, CA. He found this photo, but knows no one in it. It appears to be the graduation photo of AE-A school class 5834, taken on December 5, 1958 at NATTC/NAS Jacksonville, Florida. The graduates are standing at the tail of what appears to be a F9F Grumman Panther. Close inspection reveals one sailor, last name Bertram (middle row, second from left), has recently stenciled his blue chambray shirt so that it is still readable. Among the 31 sailors is one lone marine. In the background can be seen a 1954 Chevrolet and a Ford Thunderbird, possibly a 1955 or 1956 model. There is nothing written on the back. The photo is up for adoption, and Chief Mulligan wishes to see it in the hands of one of the graduates. If anyone recognizes one of those pictured, please contact me, and I'll arrange to send the original. (Click on the image to see it larger. You can then zoom in to inspect the image even more closely.)

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